The selection of the best boats for HorizonLine is only the starting point in the organization of a holiday

Is possible to add a number of services that we imagined to make every sail unique, fun, suitable for each of our clients

Chic & Nature Line

Our travel line, which involves the 5 senses without reservations: in contact with nature and the pristine sea, you can choose to add to your holidays wellness services, yoga classes or stimulate your artistic side with art courses.

Gourmet Line

Good food is one of the pleasures of life ... and of a good holiday. This is why we offer you a travel line in which you can combine a passion for the sea with that for cooking: with the onboard cooking course and the chic picnic.

Sport Line

Sailing is a wonderful sport and we are completely captivated. This is why we have created a perfect travel line for those who want to approach the sailing boat, participating in the navigation phases, but not only: sailing offshore and sailing and fishing.

Love & Honeymoon Line

When the desire is that of a holiday in total relaxation and privacy with a touch of luxury. We do not say anything else.

Basic Line 

These are the services that aboard a holiday signed Horizon Line do not miss (almost) never: hostess service and ready shopping, the convenience of getting on the boat and leaving, while someone else thinks about the organization of life on board! Relax, set sail!

Birthdays, theme parties, tastings and all that imagination suggests: we are open to new proposals to be made on board, because every proposal will be a new sea story! 🙂