About us

We are a group of persons that is left enthuse from the sea, wind and all the stories they have to tell. Today, with Horizon Line, we dedicate ourselves to write many more, in the company of all who travel with us, dreaming of lands near and far, unspoiled landscapes and yet cozy, sunny days and beautiful bays.

Horizon Line we select rigorously every boat we offer to our clients, according to criteria that can satisfy even the most demanding requirements, but above all we take care of everything to add all that "we know that" that makes each vacation unique and perfect.

founders of Horizon Line dreamers are Carla and Andrea and a great passion for the sea, which for her goes back to a family tradition, and for him it was a work of the most fascinating, the underwater archaeologist.


Creator of the project Horizon Line, Carla relives his father's passion, experienced sailor, dedicated to the sea and sailing.


Andrea has always worked with his passion: the sea. With Carla is engaged in the construction of the Horizon Line structure.