Top Services: Chic & Nature Line

Sailing and wellness


Thanks to an extensive network of collaborators, we can organize ad hoc services in different locations. Professional massage therapists will reach you on board with everything you need for relaxing massage.
Sailing and well-being is one of our proposals "cut your size": we build the package according to your specific requirements.

Sail and Yoga

yogaThanks to a yoga teacher on board, the holiday will be alternated by moments of relaxation, yoga classes and a dip in the most zen bay of the Mediterranean.
Sailing and yoga is one of our proposals "cut to size": we build the package according to your requests.
They says about this service: 
"The most relaxing vacation of my life immersed in the blue, the sounds of the sea and with a really hilarious group! The greeting to the sun more beautiful than ever, with the sun rising from the sea! "Anna

Sailing and Art

schermata-2016-11-21-alle-15-50-29We organize courses of writing, photography and design because the sailboat, according to some artists that we had on board, it is a place of great inspiration. And we agree with them