Aeolian Island

A rough and fascinating territory, the vivid colors of the sea which collides with the earth and the fire, a warm welcome, charming villages overlooking the sea: these are the Aeolian Islands.

In summary

Period: from May to September
Suggested holiday: one or two weeks
Port of departure: Palermo or Vibo Marina
The best beach: Cala Junco in the isle of Panarea
The best bay for sunset and night at anchor: Port of Panarea
What to see: The solfataras of Vulcano
What to taste: the local Passito
Special not to be missed: The Aeolian Carnival of Lipari
Movie to see before departure: Dear Diary - Islands, by Nanni Moretti


vulcanoThose who pass by here does not know how can resist: must climb to the mouth of the volcano now at rest to look closely at this old fire-breathing, founder of these islands in the sea.
Among solfataras, stones and a horizon made of sea sailors remain bewitched coming to Vulcan.


lipariHere there are only vestiges of what was once a volcanic island, while the more recent history has no shortage of interesting heritage to visit, such as the town of Lipari, with its castle, natural fortress, where different civilizations have occurred.


salinaSalina owes its name to the salt flats that are located south of the island. Famous for the cultivation of Malvasia grapes, capers and "Il Postino" by Massimo Troisi.
Presents a more gentle landscape compared to her sisters, but with changing characteristics and different depending on the point of observation.


sciara_stromboliStromboli is all its volcano, which fascinates sailors during navigation in the night, shooting lapilli in heaven and giving life to the "Sciara del Fuoco", ending directly into the sea. An unforgettable spectacle for us little humans!


panareaEach archipelago has its superstars, more or less worldly. Panarea straight out of a fairytale book with its tiny harbor, the small houses that slowly are perched on the mountain and all the cafes where you're spoiled for choice fish dishes and Sicilian delicacies of all kinds.

Alicudi e Filicudi

alicudi_filicudiTiny, distant and wonderful. We do not reveal more!


usticaUstica is sadly only known for the tragic page in its history, it is actually an amazing island, which we always like let you  know.
It is located within the first Italian protected area, established in 1986. Here the flora and fauna that resemble tropical, with corals, sea roses, lobsters, sponges, and parrot fish.

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