We are sure that you will be amazed by the beauty and diversity that characterizes the Tuscan Archipelago National Park

Do not underestimate these beautiful islands close to the mainland because: are really beautiful places, perfect for a little vacation

In summary

Period: from May to October
Suggested holiday: up to one week
Port of departure: Piombino.
The best beach: Cala Maestra in the Isle of Giannutri
The best bay for sunset and night at anchor: Fetovaia on Elba
What to see: the remains of the Roman villa of Agrippa in Pianosa
What to taste: Elba's wines, namely Elba Elba White and Red
Special not to be missed: the festival of the squid in Capraia
Book that became a movie to see before departure: The crimes of the Gleam by Marco Malvaldi


isola d'elba

To visit all the Elba Island it would take a week. It 'an island with strong characters, and the amazing views. In Elba there are beautiful wide beaches and some of the most welcoming ports in the area. Spend at least one night in Portoferraio!




The Giglio's small villages to visit: Giglio Porto, with picturesque alleys and the remains of the Pisan fortress of Giglio Castello. Do not miss the bay of Campese and coves near Punta Capel Rosso.


giannutriThe smallest and most isolated (it is located a little 'further south than the other), Giannutri offers visitors a romance out of time.


capraiaAn island suitable for those who love sailing (located in a stretch of sea pretty windy) and diving. Its waters are in fact extremely fascinating because steep and rich in marine life.


isola montecristo(Nature reserve since 1971) is the wildest and less inhabited island of the archipelago. To visit you must buy one of the 1,000 entries that are granted during the year.


gorgonaFull of charm and mystery, given to her by the fact that you can not approach because it is home to an agricultural penal colony.

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