Greece is a whole world of stories to tell, which in our opinion makes it definitely a destination as the Arabian Nights.

In its myriad of islands and on the mainland you can breathe a wind of myths, gods and heroes of ancient and modern sailors, who ply the seas are as fascinating as different from each other: from the calm waters of the Ionian islands, to the great winds that sweep the small Cyclades.

In summary

Period: summer months are the best time to visit Greece. The islands are so many, that also in August are uncrowded and you can find solitary bays.
Suggested holiday: one or two weeks
Port of departure: depending on the archipelago you choose. Athens, Lefkas, Kos, Mykonos.
The best beach: Filiatro, in the isle of Itaka
The best bay for sunset and night at anchor: east of Koufunissi
What to see: the Parthenon in Athens
What to taste: are inevitable the Saganaki (fried feta cheese) and fava (mashed beans)
Special not to be missed: all Folklore festival organized during the summer on the Greek islands are to be discovered!
Movie to see before departure: Mamma Mia, starring Meryl Streep with the music of Abba.

Cyclades Islands

santorini cicladiThe Cyclades are the smallest islands of Greece and also include Microcicladi, little more than rocks in the sea. In summer the Meltemi makes them the perfect place for every sailor: constant wind, fast movements, pristine bays, deserted islands.

Saronic Islands

saronicheThese islands are the closest to the mainland, to Athens, to its ancient history. Those who choose this route love the sea, the harbors, the pristine bays ... and the story: get off the ground is always a discovery.

Sporades: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos


The colors here are the undisputed protagonists: the blue sea, the green of an irrepressible Mediterranean, the white of the Greek houses.
The ideal place for a relaxing holiday, a little 'out of the world.

Ionic islands: Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and the other ...

ionicheHere every place recalls the tales of Homer and Ulysses. The blue sea of Ithaca is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and there is no port in which you would not recommend to spend at least one night. Kefalonia has the enchanted bays, which seem to come from a tale, with the pines by the sea. Do not miss the famous shipwreck beach (a tip: ask to go at daybreak!) And a passage off the coast of Skorpio, the island of Onassis.


lipsi-dodecanesoThe Dodecanese islands are the most varied: from north to south will encounter uninhabited islands with beautiful vegetation, to discover hidden harbors, islands where Greek culture has merged with the Turkish creating an interesting cultural mix, large islands rich in history and tourist places (in Kos is none other than the school of Archimedes).

Coming soon: logbook of the most beautiful routes

corto malteseFrom Athens to Kos through all the Aegean. The holiday of a lifetime!


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