Time seems to have stopped in the Egadi Islands ...

Who really wants to make a vacation here would do well to stop his clock, being enveloped by the bright colors of the sea, enjoy the silence of the bays, taste a bit of the world as it once was.

In summary

Period: from April to December: the Egadi islands can be a good destination for the Christmas season
Suggested holiday:one week
Port of departure: Trapani
The best beach: cove of faraglione in Levanzo
The best bay for sunset and night at anchor: "punta sottile" in Favignana
What to see: the archaeological site of "Roman Villas" and the Byzantine church in Marettimo
What to taste: the frascatole and cous cous
Special not to be missed: the Adduminata in mid-August on the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of countrymen
Book to read before departure: Ignazia, by Enzo di Pasquale


marettimoFor this island, we admit it, we have a weakness. The wildest of the three major islands in our view is an enchanted place, with its blue sea, hidden coves, Mediterranean vegetation that has always had the upper hand on everything. A place to regenerate and enjoy timeless.  


favignana_mareFavignana is the capital and the largest of these islands. Ideal for a beach holiday, without giving up the culture. On the island are present palaces, churches and a museum, witnesses of ancient times.


levanzoThe smallest, full of inlets and coves with the blue anise sea. In Levanzo itineraries for those who love diving are many.

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