Balearic Islands: a corner of the world perfect for a holiday off from the world.

The Balearic always enchant the traveler with their anise blue sea, white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, which occasionally reveals surprising creeks, and their beautiful "spagnolitudine".

In summary

Period: from May to October
Suggested holiday: one or two weeks
Port of departure: Palma de Mallorca
The best beach: cala Macarelleta a Menorca
The best bay for sunset and night at anchor: Badia de S’Alga, Formentera
What to sea: the fjord that leads to the town of Mahon
What to taste: the tapas (if you try them all you will satiated as after a classic dinner!)
Special not to be missed: the festival of Sant Joan de Ciutadella, a party that is repeated in a bit 'all the islands villages throughout the summer.
The book to read before departure: Miracle in Maiorca by Sebastià Alzamora.


maiorcaMallorca is inhabited throughout the year, Palma de Mallorca is a town full of life and history, in which the possible routes are really many. If we add to this the crystal clear sea with excellent shelters also for evenings at anchor, we make her a perfect destination for a sailing holiday.


minorcaMenorca is unique: it combines all the natural beauty of these islands to some town able to charm the sailors who disembark for an evening ashore.
The beaches are colored red to the north, while to the south open fissures in the rock that reveal pearl-colored beaches. Full of contrasts, of flavors, wind, surrounded entirely by its marine reserve, it is a place where you fall in love with her.


IbizaHis best known is the mundane and entertaining, but a part of this beautiful island has kept the local flavor, history and calm of the sea places.


formenteraThe smallest (if we exclude the archipelago - protected area of Cabrera) and probably the most pristine of the Balearic islands. Here you will find kilometers of virgin coastline and live in contact with nature (and a few VIPs in search of peace).

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