There were one time two Lipari’s Attila

This is the story of two Attila: a human and a dog, faithful companions in life, today, after another story, do a couple on the island Lipari.
They live on the beach, in a hut they built (Attila-quadruped loves sticks and gave his good contribution). Some philanthropist donated the solar panels and so came the light, while the bathroom was built by Attila’s studies on ancient Roman.
They have a vegetable garden, where they grow according to the moon and the seasons. Attila comes out every day with his fishing boat and what gives him the sea, he cooks. If its secluded beach land humans (he calls us so) that they go to genius, he host them at his table made of axes polished  from the sea and offers them the best fish in the world. If they are not nice, simply, they do not receive them.
The stories that Attila has to tell are often fascinating and with unique atmosphere. But these, of course, is another story, which we’ll tell you another time.