capodanno Napoli

Logbook: New Year in Naples

Tunny returned from New Year in Naples. What about ... is back, as usual, full of smiles, hugs, wonderful memories, emotions captured for himself and his guests.
They sailed, exploring the most beautiful islands, chatted under the stars and had lunch at anchor.

The peak of the emotion comes with the New Year, when the sky above them became a colorful and glittering universe, reflected in the sea. The boat seemed to float in a parallel world, the blue of the night has become the backdrop to a fireworks display that probably can not be seen anywhere else in the world. Naples in the distance, with its people, its celebrations, its beauties.


Then there was the cooking course: a hoot. Tunny in a chair with a small group of Catalan students struggling with the preparation of a risotto with strawberries and champagne!
Dinner was delicious and we all now expect a dinner invitation ... in Barcelona! 🙂

New Year's Eve in Naples and Islands 12/29/2016 - 05/01/2017
Boat "SUD"
Crew Luca & Carla